Top 10 White Haired Male Characters In Anime

There’s something about white hair and a feeling of coolness. Like if you see an anime with a white-haired character you automatically think the guy is cool and for the most part you’d be right.

This list will not be featuring any old men. This list is also my list and is therefore subjective. So if you feel someone is missing from the list you can leave a comment or create your own list also in the comments.

Without much ado let’s get into it.



Scar from Full Metal Alchemist is coolness personified. No one really knows his real name and he appeared in full metal alchemist as a killer at the beginning of the show. But as time goes on and we get to know a bit of his backstory, we just realize he’s just one really angry dude who has some serious skill.

He’s an Ishlavan with red eyes which he hides behind a pair of sunshades most of the time. You do not want to come up against this dude.




Accelerator is the top ranked level 5 esper in Toaru Majutsu no Index although he later became a protagonist in the science side of the series. Here’s another ruthless bastard. He’s loud, mean, brash and oh my God is he strong! He got his ass kicked by Touma though (heh) and turned from his wicked ways.

He later had to use a walking stick which in my opinion made him even cooler. His white hair was just amazing *wink*. His powers are a bit hard to explain as his abilities  It creates a thin field of AIM around him, which allows him to modify the vector values of anything he touches. It’s rather devastating power and is very layered and well thought out.


Hitsugaya Toshiro

The 10th captain in soul society and also the youngest. Toshiro is a prodigy. His power is ice-based which means he’s strong (all Icer users are) and don’t let his young age fool you, he’ll kick your butt till next Tuesday. For a time he was the best thing about bleach (before he himself started getting annoying, that’s a personal bias though).

His fighting prowess was amazing and probably his most notable battle was with Tier Harribel who happened to be the 3rd ranked Espada. He won that fight (with great difficulty) and his legend was sealed *winks*



Archer from the Fate series is another white-haired dream. He is an archer class servant in the Fate series and is special mostly because of his affiliation with the anime’s main protagonist Shiro.

Due to his ‘specialness’ Archer doesn’t have a noble phantasm, but he’s adaptable and very tactical making him really hard to deal with. He’s super cool with his behaviour (white-haired characters have a tendency to be dark and brooding) but is loyal which is a handy characteristic to have from your servant.



Shinta Fukuda

Not everytime action characters, sometimes slice of life characters and Fukuda comes from one of my favourite anime of all time; Bakuman.

A rival to Mashiro and Takagi (or Ashirogi Muto) Shinta Fukuda is a manga artist with a rock n roll personality. His most famous manga was about motor bikes and racers. He was an assistant for Nizuma Eiji before striking out on his own. He’s a brash character too and reminds me of Gokudera from Hitman Reborn. I also love his fashion sense *shrugs*


Shougo Makishima

The best thing about Psycho Pass’ first season. He was ruthless, cold, merciless and absolutely deliciously evil. Shogou Makishima was the main antagonist of the Psycho Pass anime and with a twisted sense of logic. He was a ruthless killer who for some reason could not be picked up by the sibyl system. He was also charismatic with the ability to get people to do his bidding. He had nihilistic tendencies and is in my opinion an anarchist.

He’s a lot of fun and was a perfect foil for protagonist Kogami.


Todoroki Shotou

Okay so he is a bit of a cheat as his hair is not completely white (or silver) but he’s amazing and half of his hair is the required colour and therefore he counts (comman beat me, i’m in my house). Todoroki possesses the quirk half and half which means he’s part ice and part fire. This is basically like having two powers as his ice half is comparable with some of the very best ice users and his fire side is just as devastating. He is one of the major characters from My Hero Academia and one of my favourite (Deku has my top spot).

He has a huge scar on his face where his mother scarred him with hot water (she’s a tad unstable). With serious daddy issues, he’s just about messed up enough to make him adorable.


Kaneki Ken

No way a white-haired list was going to be made without this beauty. Kaneki Ken initially a very annoying wimp suddenly grew white hair (let’s not remember how he arrived here) and Boom! he was awesome which just goes to show that if you want to be cool, just have white hair.

He was formely a member of Anteiku where he worked as a waiter before his drastic change after which he went on to form his own group. I’ll try not to remember the events of Root A, but he was the only thing about that show that didn’t suck, so that has to count for something right?


Zapp Renfro

*swoons*  Zapp!!! He’s a member of the Libra organization and master of the Big Dipper blood-fighting style. This allows him to turn his blood into blades or wires which he can use to fight. He is just an idiot, that’s the best way to describe him, but come on, you can’t hate him.

He’s Leon Watch’s chief bully (that boy suffered in his hand ehn) and gives off that player vibe. But you can count on him when things go south as he is as dependable as they come.



Killua Zoldyck

Was there ever any doubt???

The penultimate child of the Zoldyck family, Killua is the love of my life second protagonist in the Hunter X Hunter series acting as the darker side of Gon and best friend. His family is one of assassins who also happen to be very rich and powerful. They almost remind me of the inhumans (chuckles). There’s something almost normal about them…smh.

Killua is an assassin too with mad nen abilities. He has been trained since infancy and has therefore developed mad reflexes and stamina that would put even more experienced Hunters to shame.

He’s awesome. He’s the best. Argue with your laptops.

And that’s it, if you have anything to say you can sound off in the comments. Till later.



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