My Top 5 Scenes From Justice League

Hey folks.

So first off, spoiler warning. You’ve seen the topic so if you’re still here it means you’re willing to go along with this.

This list is totally subjective and doesn’t necessarily mean these are the best scenes in the movie. However, they were the scenes I enjoyed the most.

Also for this post, rather than post screenshots, I’d be posting random comic scenes instead. (This is me trying hard not to ruin the experience for folks. You’re welcome)

Let’s get down to it, shall we?


  1. Fist-Bump

It was established quite early in the movie that human relationship isn’t one of Barry’s strongest points. In the scene where he and Cyborg (Victor Stone) are digging for Superman’s body, Barry’s attempt to have a conversation with Cyborg was totally ridiculous. The approach itself gave me a few chuckles but the proposed ‘Fist-Bump’ had me in laughs.

  1. I Sure Hope This Is East

A lot of the comic relief in this movie rests on Barry’s shoulders and for the most part, he delivers. During the final battle, some civilians and in danger and Batman tells Barry to take a stroll due east to save them. Barry obeys and starts to run in a direction. After running for a considerable distance, he then says he hopes he’s running east. It’s a ridiculous scene in the movie.

  1. Head-butt Battle: Superman VS Wonder Woman

Bringing back Superman came with its own unique set of issues and the rest of the league had to deal with it. It wasn’t much of a fight though as he easily overpowers most of them. His encounter with Wonder Woman, however, was the most interesting to watch particularly when the lock arms and give each other head-butts. I know it sounds ‘cute’ but it was pretty bad ass.

  1. Aquaman On The Lasso Of Truth

This scene had me in stitches. In this movie and among the members of the Justice League, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman had the least lines. He usually just made short statements or snarky comments about things. In this scene, he gives us one of the most epic monologues in the movie. It was morbidly hilarious with just the right amount of vulnerability. It was epic.

  1. Superman Sees The Flash

During the first encounter with Superman as he fights the league, The Flash attempts the surprise attack Superman but Superman sees him running towards him. This singular moment is the most epic scene in the movie simply because of Barry’s face. The look he had on his face made Justice League worth my time and money.


That’s it, folks. Those are my favorite Justice League scenes.

What are your favorite scenes?

Let me know in the comments.

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