Top 7 Samurai In Anime

Keeping in the spirit of Samurai X (which i have been watching over the last couple of days) i thought to myself ‘Hmmm, who are anime’s top Samurai’ and i decided to make a list.

Please note that Samurai and Swordsman are different, therefore i won’t be adding the likes of Mifune from Soul Eater, Guts from Beserk and Roronoa Zoro from One Piece as they wielded swords but were not Samurai.

Without further ado, let’s just get into it.


Sakata Gintoki- Gintama


The main character from the Gintama series, Gintoki is a highly skilled samurai albeit and unserious one. He does odd jobs and goes on adventures with the rest of the crew. he is a prankster and a joker, but when it comes to swordplay, there aren’t many better.

He gets extra points for his cool White/Silver hair.


Date Masamune- Sengoku Basara



He was too cool, even though Sengoku Basara was as over the top as they come, his skill and verve were hard to ignore.

With his numerous swords and his ‘Harley Davidson’ chariot, he is the epitome of cool…and he has some sick skills too.


Afro Samurai- Afro Samurai


Photo Credit: Zerochan

Afro who is the titular character is the Number 2 samurai in a world where being number 2 is way more dangerous than being Number 1. He seeks vengeance against the Samurai who killed his Father and who is the current number one.

Afro is super fast and skillful, with his sweeping moves and bad ass demeanour, there was no way he wasn’t making this list.


Nanashi- Sword of the Stranger



Nanashi is a wandering Ronin (Samurai without Lord or Master) who saves a young boy called Kotaro and his dog Tobimaru.

He has vowed to keep his sword sheathed as he is haunted by his past and the people he killed. He is an extremely powerful fighter with skills that are sometimes awe-inspiring.

He eventually unsheaths his sword to rescue Kotaro whom he’s grown a deep attachment to.



Mugen- Samurai Champloo


Mugen is awesome. One of the main protagonists from Samurai Champloo, Mugen has a unique fighting style that he created by himself which makes him look like he’s dancing.

His style makes him unpredictable and very difficult to predict or defeat. He is also on par in terms of power with Jin, but since we’re doing one character per franchise, we’re just going to go with Mugen since he’s more fun.



Jubei Kabigami- Ninja Scroll


This depressingly dark movie had one of the coolest Samurai in it. While it could be argued that Jubei is a Ninja, his style of fighting and the person he was modelled after (Yagyu Jubei) make him one in my books.

He is quick on his feet, masterful with the sword and pragmatic in his decision making. That he was able to go toe to toe with demons shows just how good he actually was



Kenshi Himura- Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan


Okay, so this list makes it look like a ranking– it is…not (it kinda is). anyhoo, Himura Kenshin is a Samurai who is trying to live in peace as a wandering swordsman with a vow never to kill again.

His past had other ideas.

Being as he was one of the most skilled Samurai during the revolution, he is widely hunted and the arc with Shishio was particularly fun to watch. The fact that he can’t kill is a handicap of sorts, but that he’s still able to dispatch enemies makes him one of the very best Samurai in my book.


And that’s the list, miss out anyone? Please feel free to leave a comment below. It’ll be fun to have a talk about it.

Till later


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