Top 8 Fire Users In Comics

I hate the fire element. I’m just putting it out there folks.

In my opinion, it’s most boring and least creative of all the elements. Yet I can’t deny that it’s a powerful offensive ability so here we are. For this list, I’m going to be looking at people that use fire as a primary ability and not people that have fire as a by-product or secondary effect of their abilities. This means that characters like Firestorm (whose ability is actually matter manipulation) or any of the Phoenix hosts (whose flames are a psychic by-product) do not qualify.

Also magically endowed characters will not be considered except their magical abilities are limited to Pyrokinesis (the ability to manipulate fire). This means that Ghost Rider (whose hellfire flames are manifestation of his ghost rider transformation and not a fire ability in itself) also doesn’t qualify.

Those are the rules folks. Let’s get to it.

  1. Idie Okonkwo (Oya)

Kicking off the list is a Nigerian mutant from the Marvel Comics named Idie Okonkwo. Idie is one of the post M-Day Mutants and was one of the five lights that shared a bond with Hope Summers.

Idie possesses Thermokinesis and as a result, can create Ice and Fire from each of hands. Obviously, we’re focusing on the fire for this list and I have to admit, she’s a pretty strong fire user especially for a character her age.

  1. Mick Rory (Heat Wave)

This DC villain has his own unique brand of crazy. Developing a fascination to fire at a young age, this fascination developed into a full-blown case of pyromania. He’s often seen partnering with his friend/rival Captain Cold who usually is the brains of the operation.

Mick is a simple man; He just wants to watch the world burn. He is usually seen wearing a heatwave suit (resistant to flame) and carrying a heat gun, which is an upgraded flamethrower. His gun is not only able to create flames but also increased the temperature of surrounding areas to create mini firestorms. Sounds cool yeah?

  1. St. John Allerdyce (Pyro)


Pyro is one of the oldest villains in the X-men universe and one of the earliest members of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Pyro has the ability to manipulate flame but not create it. On the surface, it might seem like a pretty lame ability but Pyro is pretty strong when it comes down to it.

He usually wears a protective suit and a flamethrower but even the smallest flame that is under his control is very dangerous. He can grow the flame and increase the size and intensity. The coolest thing about Pyro is that he’s the most creative fire user I’ve seen in comics.

For an element this boring (yeah, I said it), Pyro is able to use his flames to create shapes, animals and virtually anything he imagines, He can even ‘solidify’ his flames to an extent which usually comes in very handy.


  1. Shiro Yoshida (Sunfire)

Shiro is a Japanese mutant and one of earliest members of the X-men joining the team alongside Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine etc. After his introduction, he didn’t really stay long on the team and was kind of an asshole. He slowly faded out of the comics only making appearances on issues where the team had to go to Japan and when he became a horseman of the apocalypse.

Despite all this, he’s a pretty powerful fire user. He absorbs solar rays which manifest themselves in what he calls ‘solar flares’ that he utilizes for various effects like flight, flame projection, and shielding.


  1. Amara Aquilla (Magma)

One thing is for sure, Marvel loves their fire users. Amara Aquilla is a mutant from New Rome that joined the X-men as one of the new mutants. Over time, she grew into one of the strongest characters on her team and roster.

Amara possesses Geokinesis (the ability to control the earth) and Pyrokinesis. Although she likes to mix them together to create Magma blasts, she’s an extremely powerful and versatile fire user.

  1. Fire (Beatriz Da Costa)

Beatriz definitely could not be bothered with this superhero name business. The DC superhero (formerly known as Green Fury) who is from Brazil, has been on quite a number of teams like the Global Guardians, Justice League and Super Buddies. Often seen with her close friend and teammate Ice, Beatriz is one of the most powerful female characters to feature on the league roster.

She developed powers when exposed to pyroplasmic energy that allows her to take a green fiery form at will, fly and project flame in a variety of ways. In addition, she’s extremely hot (wink wink).

  1. Elizabeth Sherman

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Sherman is a character from the Hellboy comics. For those not familiar with the Hellboy comics, some might remember her from the Hellboy movies. Liz is a field agent of the Bureau For Paranormal Research and Defense who has a dark past.

As someone who was solely responsible for burning down an entire city block at age eleven including her parents, Liz is a very powerful pyrokinetic who continually struggles with getting her powers under control.

She is still loved by many though, after all, anyone who can date Hellboy and keep him in check must be doing a lot of things right.


  1. Johnny Storm (Human Torch)

When it comes to fire users, you don’t get much hotter than Johnny Storm. The Human Torch embodies everything I hate about the fire element. In some ways that means he’s the perfect specimen for describing fire users.

Hot-headed, rash and usually restless, this original fantastic four member got his abilities from cosmic ray bombardment in space. This incident altered his DNA giving him Pyrogenesis and Pyrokinesis. This gives him the ability to become flame (plasma form) and control flame on any level.

Johnny claims to be able to destroy a small moon when he’s at his hottest and with the crazy feats he has pulled off in the comics, I don’t think he’s bluffing.


That’s all from me folks. Do you agree with my list?

Feel free to comment below.

I can’t wait to make a list of more fun elements.

Until next time.

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