Top 8 Ice Users In Comics

A couple of weeks ago I created a list of Fire Users and I remember telling you how boring I find the element. With disfemisef creating a list of Ice Users in anime, it felt right to write about my favorite element.

That’s right folks, Ice is my favorite element class. Technically Ice is sub-class of water (which I absolutely love), but there is something about Ice that makes it stand on its own.

As with my fire list, this is a list of people who use Ice as a primary ability and not a by-product of any other abilities. This means that people like Storm, Thor or Superman do not qualify for this list.

Okay, enough talk lets jump into it.

  1. Idie Okonkwo (Oya)

She also made my fire list because she has both abilities. Idie is a post-M-Day Marvel Character with the ability to control temperature. This gives her both ice and fire abilities which manifest from each of her hands. She’s kind of awesome.

  1. Brek Bannin (Polar Boy)

Brek is a very old DC character albeit unpopular. He appeared first in the Silver Age Comics as an aspiring member of the League Of Heroes. Brek’s abilities originate from his home planet Tharr, one of the hottest planets in the galaxy. The inhabitants of this planet developed their abilities as a way to negate the extreme heat.

Although he was rejected at first for lack of control of his abilities, he eventually found a place on the team.

  1. Donnie Gill (Blizzard)

Donnie is the second person bearing the mantle of Blizzard in the Marvel Comics. His suit was designed by Justin Hammer to absorb, project and manipulate cold. Although he spent most of is time as a villain and antagonist to Ironman, he ended up helping Iron Man on quite a few occasions.

  1. Leonard Snart (Captain Cold)

Leonard Snart is currently the most popular Ice User in the DC Universe. This is mostly thanks to the CW and the Legends Of Tomorrow show. To be fair, the hype is well worth it. Captain Cold is one of the smartest villains in the DC Universe and his affinity of Ice via his Cold gun makes him a formidable villain.

  1. Dr. Victor Fries (Mr Freeze)

Mr. Freeze is one the oldest villains of the Batman Universe. A worthy arch-nemesis of the Dark Knight, Victor Fries’ motivations come from a lot of pain and revenge.

When his wife Nora falls terminally ill, he attempts to save her by using cryogenics. Running low on funds, he steals from the wrong people and they try to kill him by subjecting him to his own experiments. This transforms him into a man who turns pale and can only survive cold temperatures.

He builds himself a cryo-suit and gun and chooses a life of crime to help cure his wife. A surprisingly moral villain, he tends to work alone and only gets into trouble with Batman.

  1. Tora Olafsdotter (Ice)

Tora is a spectacle to behold. A magical ice-person of Norwegian legend, Tora had a very hard time adjusting to life on earth. Eventually, after joining various teams and forming close bonds with people like Green Lantern Guy Gardener and her best friend Beatrice Da Costa aka Fire, she’s found a place to call home amongst our DC heroes. Tora is an embodiment of the Ice element and a formidable hero.

  1. Dr. Louise Lincoln (Killer Frost)

Louise Lincoln is the second person bearing the Killer Frost name in the DC Universe. After her friend and colleague Crystal Frost (the original Killer Frost) got killed by Firestorm’s flames, she recreated the accident that made Crystal Killer Frost granting herself the same abilities. She has a personal vendetta against Firestorm and she is cold, calculated, ruthless and more than a little crazy.

She and Tora are more or less tied on this list but Killer Frost gets the upper hand simply because she is way more intimidating.

  1. Bobby ‘Robert’ Drake (Iceman)

Finally my number one. When it comes to the Ice element, you don’t get any better than Bobby Drake. An original X-men member who also happens to be an Omega-level mutant (the most powerful class of mutant there is), his abilities range from ice transformation to creation, projection, and absorption on a large scale.

Iceman can manipulate the moisture in the air to recreate damaged or broken parts of his body, create ice clones and monsters and even shut down the thermal powers of fire users with his ability to manipulate temperature.

Bobby Drake isn’t an Ice User, he is essentially Ice itself.


Well, folks, that’s my list.

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