Top Five Female Anime Redheads

Hey guys! So it’s midweek and in the spirit of Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW) i decided to look through all the anime i’ve watched and list my top 5 anime redheads.

There are loads of them in anime and they are all beautiful gals, but these five are probably my favourite. So without much ado let’s jump into the list


Ezra Scarlet- Fairy Tail

You can’t mention an anime-inspired Red head list and not add the first lady of the Fairy Tail guild. The vivacious sword wielder is one of the few S class wizards in the Fairy Tail Guild and her requip magic is fierce. Enemies hate her, allies love her and fans are in love with her.

For a one-eyed chick (lol! I know it was only during her young days), she’s pretty awesome.



Stephenie Dola- No Game No Life

The art style used in this anime made every character look remarkable and as far as red heads go, Stephenie was a stunner.

In the anime she is the granddaughter of the Former King of Imanity who gambled to become the next queen of the country. She lost to Sora of course and was forced to fall in love with him. She followed Sora and Shiro on their adventures and she was fun to look at while she di (chuckles)



Yoko Littner- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan

Another first lady of a crew. As love interest of  Kamina and early crush for Simon, she was pivotal in both halves of Simon’s life; while Kamina was alive and after his death when Simon was fully in charge of the crew.

She was extremely skilled in fighting and with her rifle. She was also smart and vivacious and it didn’t hurt that she wore those deliciously skimpy outfits that accentuated her features.

She might have been one hell of a beauty, but don’t mess with her, she kicks ass.



Yona- Akatsuki no Yona

I honestly didn’t think i would like Yona. When the anime started, she was this spoilt princess who was in love with someone who was definitely dangerous. She was naive, unskilled and a bit of a crybaby.

But then she lost it all and was forced to escape and live on the road and on the run. Before our eyes she grew. Long haired Yona was beautiful, she really was, but there’s something even more arresting about short haired but experienced and battle-hardened Yona. She is truly a marvel



Rias Gremory- High School DXD

For anyone who knows me, there was no other number one. The stunning demon princess who for some reason fell in love with Issei (lucky bastard) is also basically the Princess of hell. She’s not just a pretty face as she has some serious demonic power at her disposal and some really, really powerful allies.

She retains her femininity at all times but somehow she still stays bad ass.

So that’s my list, did i leave out someone? Is there someone you’d like to add? You can sound off in the comments below.

Till later

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