Welcome To The World Of The UnOrdinary

Hey folks. So the last time I talked about comics here, I remember saying that there was a lot more to the world of comics than Marvel or DC.

I’m sure quite a number of people already know that so today, I think we should talk about one of those comics.

UnOrdinary (usually written as UNORDINARY) is an original webtoon created and illustrated by Uru-chan. It was originally hosted on Tapastic but is now one of the most popular series on LINE Webtoon (which you folks seriously need to check out by the way).

The world of UnOrdinary is a unique one. In this world, abilities rule and those with powers climb the social and political ladder while those without abilities or with weak powers are on the bottom of the food chain.

This hierarchy also extends to the educational system and a peculiar school called Wellston where our protagonists attend. John Doe (for real that’s his name) is a third-year student at Wellston High with and he has no abilities.

He gets picked on regularly in school because he always stands up to the moderately powerful students in school especially when they pick on those weaker than they are. This sends him to the sick bay more than a few times but he’s fine with it.

In the school, there are those students called Royals who are the strongest in school. They comprise of the King, Queen, Jack, and Healer. The Royals are responsible for turf wars which are occasional fights organized by royals of rival schools to decide what school has control over an area at a given time. In Wellston, Jack has an unusual friendship with a girl called Seraphina who happens to be the strongest in the school and former queen.

The interesting thing is that Seraphina (or Sera for short) quit the royals after she became friends with John. She stopped caring about societal obligations or hierarchy and her attitude upsets the balance of things in school and eventually the outside world.

Also worth mentioning, hair color and eyes are very important features in UnOrdinary.

That’s as far as I can go without entering spoiler territory folks. But I have to tell you UnOrdinary is a really exciting read. The characters are super relatable, the fights are awesome and the general vibe is awesome.

The only downside I can think of is the fact that it’s still ongoing so if you’re one of those people that can’t wait for a week then I suggest you wait a bit.

Oh well, that’s it from me today folks.

Until next time.

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