What’s Your Most Rewatchable Anime? Here are 3 of my Very Best

What’s a rewatchable anime? It’s pretty self explanatory. It’s an anime you can watch again and again without getting tired.

It’s the anime you watch when you’re happy, when you’re sad, when you’re lonely, when you’re depressed, when you feel no one cares, when your crush is galivanting with someone else…you get what i mean.

Every anime watcher has them and i thought this up when i started watching Nodame Cantabile. It’s a great anime that i found just as endearing as the first time i watched it.

I’d have wanted to make a longer list, but mans too lazy.

Here are 3 of my very best.


One Punch Man


While the crazy antics of Saitama and co is relatively new, i find that it already feels like a classic for me. I have watched it 2 Christmases in a row and i plan to see it this Christmas too. It just might become tradition. What makes it so rewatchable? Well, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and at the same time it’s not ridiculously cheesy in anyway. It’s just amazing fun with enough fights and gags to keep you entertained every time you see it.

So i can’t wait for Christmas to come around again *grin*




This anime has a special place in my heart mostly because it resonates with me on such a personal level.

I mean, just watching the struggles of Takagi and Mashirou fills me with despair and then hope. I work with the comic industry and i write (duh, i’m handling this sweet gig) so their story and struggles are very personal to me. To see them triumph at the end doing the thing they both loved fills me with hope for my future, makes me believe that perhaps i can achieve something doing the thing i love and not just get by.

And so i’ve watched Bakuman again and again each time with a smile on my face as i watch these ambitious guys rise and fall. The romance was a great side to it even though i preferred Takagi’s romance with Miyoshi. It felt nice, convenient even.

Sigh…I should watch Bakuman again.



Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan (Samuraix)

Is this even up for debate? Anyone who knows me well enough will know that this is one of my favourite anime of all time. I watch it every year.

For me i guess the connection is that it was the first anime which i knew was anime and i watched. I love Kenshin and i mean it. I LOVE HIM.

His strength and courage, his resolve…sigh. I love the music, i love the art, i love the fights and it just resonated with me. So any time i feel weird, i just watch it. If i feel like watching one hell of a fight, i watch his face off with Saito, if i feel lonely and want to wallow, i watch his second fight with Sanosuke and i want to cry a bit because of the emotion and if i want to be blown away by his madness and speed, i watch the episode where there was a baby hanging from a tree.

This is not to say these 3 anime are my favourite in the world. There are tons of anime that i love to hell and back like Your Lie in April, Code Geass, Akame Ga Kill, Zankyou no Terror…but can i watch these titles again– no. No i can’t.

Anyways, that’s my list, feel free to leave a comment with your list or if it’s a single title you can leave that too it’d be nice to hear from you and know the opinion of others (i expect to be killed for not adding Cowboy Bebop, but oh well).

Till later.


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