Why You Should Be Watching Shannara Chronicles

Okay….. So like every Nigerian, I must confess I spend a great deal of leisure time hogging entertainment in form of series, cartoons, anime and movies (throw in the occasional rave over a favorite music album) and after almost two decades of watching I can confidently say I am a strong fan of epic fantasy.

Considering how much I am vested in that genre, I have a very soft spot for series that go in that direction and get weirdly loyal to the series/movie till I exhaust whatever franchise I am watching.

Now, I should have written about this ages ago, but I find myself doing it now (mainly because I was too lazy to write and well you know….work) so I apologize in advance for my lateness.

So, I am here to talk about the ongoing epic fantasy series Shannara Chronicles which is currently midway through its second season. The Shannara Chronicles is an American fantasy drama television series created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. It is an adaptation of the Shannara series of fantasy novels by Terry Brooks.

If you have read the book, you may be a bit excited to see how well the directors would execute the story and this may serve as enough motivation to watch the first and second (currently ongoing) seasons.

Forbes.com calls the epic fantasy series the best on Television (second best to Game of Thrones in my opinion…but I know nothing) and while it is a pretty bold statement, it may be that there is some subtle truth to it.

Quoting the site, the author says it is a show that has no problem kicking the idea of high fantasy in the teeth to tell an interesting story. This and its ability to meld character backgrounds well with the plot of the series seems to be its strongest selling points (that is if you will ignore the clashing of swords and use of magic in a series).

The series is set in a post-apocalyptic alternate reality of earth (post-nuclear bombs….rings a bell?), where the elves have taken over as the prominent race and chemical radiation has caused a forced evolution on man, producing the race of trolls, gnomes and dwarves to walk the earth. The humans have been forced to give up most of their land and now reside in the southernmost recluse of the ‘southlands’ while the other species take up different territorial areas.

The first season had just seen the elves fight off the Dagda Mor and his horde of demons with Princess Amberle Elessendil sacrificing herself to attain victory while half-elf Wil Ohmsford (the only direct living descendant of elf King Jerle Shannara) fights to save the four lands alongside Prince Ander, Eretria and Druid Allanon from the horde.

The second season resumes the chronology of the series a year later and The Crimson (an anti-magic group of the elven military) are hunting those who use magic. Wil, who had turned away from magic after losing someone dear to him, is saved from The Crimson by a woman named Mareth and reunites with Eretria to stop The Crimson and its plans.

Unfortunately, The Crimson isn’t the only rising threat and there is a greater evil about to engulf the land (I will stop here….pls goan watch the series if you want more info :p).

Finally, it is not too late to catch up to the series as the second season is only four episodes in ( the fifth episode will be out on Thursday by 6 am for downloads anyway).

Watch and enjoy







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