WTF! Did Oliver Just Retire The Arrow Mantle To John?

Just In case you haven’t been watching Arrow. Sh*t just hit the fan or maybe not because well, it’s a CW show and everything mostly redirects to normal after they have given you a heart attack.

The last episode ended with a cliffhanger as Oliver was revealed to be the Arrow. There was even an easter egg on the Flash were they saw the news on one of the Newspapers.

Green Arrow revealed

The beginning of the episode shows Oliver handling the press and telling them that he wasn’t the Arrow and that his photo was photoshopped onto the face of the Green Arrow.

So Oliver is still trying to be the best father that he can be while combining being the Mayor, The Green Arrow.

He decides he does not want to put his life in danger because of his son so he hands over the Green Arrow Mantle to Diggle.

That is not even my wahala in the matter. Diggle has a nerve damage on his hand which he has been keeping a secret from the team and now Oliver has decided to make him the Arrow.

Also Note that Diggle was about to tell Oliver about the arm thing oo.

Double wahala for a dead body.


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