You’re The Worst: Let’s Talk About Gretchen

So you’re the worst keeps getting better with each episode as Gretchen’s wahala never gets old.

The latest episode starts with Gretchen texting Jimmy asking if he is around and that they both need to talk.

Her new boyfriend hides her in the closet because apparently, he does not want some dude to see her.

Gretchen-You're the worst

Gretchen agrees to meet the ex-wife of the new boyfriend who by the way had a list of questions.
On the Flipside Jimmy being who he is, tries to explain the bae he slept with the night before who by the way, was drinking tea at the dining table that he does not regret the night before blah blah blah. She(New bae) replies and tells him she got that he was trying to tell her that no sleepovers.
Gretchen meets new boyfriend’s ex-wife and well she tries to be normal by asking for a long island iced “Juice” while the ex-wife of the new bf requests for something similar.
The Ex-wife of new boyfriend then excuses herself to pick a call.
She then calls the waiter to get her some alcohol to which she added that if he tells the ex-wife of the new boyfriend, she will cut him.
The ex-wife of new boyfriend then comes back while Gretchen was about to finish her alcohol mix of iced “Juice”, tells her (Gretchen) that she has been “adulting” too much and that she needs to have fun.
Gretchen calls the waiter and asks for Alcohol for the two of them, they start drinking and Gretchen blacks out.
I love how the directing of the scene of her blacking out was because she could see herself fingering the ex-wife of the new boyfriend in a daze while having no control of her body.
The expression on her face was even priceless on top.
The End.

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