Zero’s Grimoire Has Presented my Newest Anime Crush

So over the last couple of days, i watched Zero’s Grimoire or Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho and i loved it. Not because it’s the greatest anime of all time (it’s not) but it had the ridiculously cute Zero.

She even had silver hair….what was i to do???

Now look at her and tell me there was anything i could do.

As an anime, Zero’s Grimoire was just there not having any compelling storyline that made you want to watch episode after episode. Its villain was…kinda a softie and the end was a tad too convenient.

There were no real consequences for anything and everyone was just happy.

What they did do quite well (for me at least) was create two main characters that i thoroughly loved and whose chemistry was evident and shone through. So what that one of them was a white tiger on two legs and the suggestion that the two were in love might not be some people’s cup of tea (i didn’t mind), they were great, played off each other well and it didn’t feel forced with them.

And Zero…oh Zero

She was so much fun. A naive character who also happened to be ridiculously powerful, she had to navigate an unknown territory with her Bodyguard who was simply called ‘Mercenary’ in a bid to find her book ‘Zero’s Grimoire’. They face off against rogue witches and fanatics from the order of Zero.

Maybe it’s just because she’s cute, but she’s one of the most compelling characters i’ve seen in a while.

I have a crush, i can’t even lie.

Should you give Zero’s Grimoire a watch? Well if you have nothing to do (not like me) or you just really love anime (definitely me) then sure, why not. What’s the worst that could happen?

Till later

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